Let’s Meet

A Solopreneur in Bangladesh

This is Shahin Alam, a Solopreneur in Bangladesh. Marketing is just like a stair of success. It takes times and efforts — but the sweetest moments come when your project starts growing. Anyway, I publish a bunch of actionable SEO and other marketing strategies in this blog. So I hope you’ll be benefited from this blog. Now it’s time to grow online business!

What I Like To DO..?

Market Research

Market Research

Most of the time, I like to research and explore new brands with marketing strategies.



Blogging helps businesses to grow revenue faster. So far, I have started 3 different blogs.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Content is always King! I like to design images for SMM, blog posts & videos for my YouTube channel.

shahin alam solopreneur

A Little Bit about me

I'm Shahin Alam

Now I’m working as an affiliate marketer and Solopreneur in Bangladesh. I help people to grow their online business. Along with that, I’m sharing so many premium stuff in my Facebook community (Candy from Shahin). Anyway, don’t forget to explore the blog page to get my secret strategies!

Digital Marketing
Website Design
Article Writing
Graphic Design
Video Editing

Here's My Marketing Performance Go Higher

SEO performance beforeSEO performance after

Now I’m going to talk about my profession, interest, recommendation, and more. Okay, without further ado, let’s dig in.

How I Become Solopreneur in Bangladesh?

It was 2017; I’m super interested in SEO. And I’m decided to take an SEO course. After that, I started learning SEO from an IT training institute called UY Lab (formerly UYS Lab). Along with that, I was researching on the web to learn advanced SEO techniques. And then, I decided to start my career as a marketer and a solopreneur.

Especially I follow a few peoples to learn advanced marketing to become a successful solopreneur. They are Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin, and Nathan Gotch. Maybe you are wondering why I do not follow Neil Patel. Okay, check out the image below to get your answer.

that's why I hate patel

ROFL! The content publishing date and the title are not accurate. Anyway — for now, I’m working as an SEO expert, trainer, and affiliate marketer. Even, I like blogging too. You’re most welcome to my blog page. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Website Hosting I Prefer as a Solopreneur

When it comes to creating a blog or a website, I choose powerful hosting first. A powerful hosting helps me better SEO ranking and convert more sales. In that case, I prefer DreamHost! But it’s a little expensive. If you’re a beginner in the online industry, then you can try Namecheap. Namecheap offers a bunch of premium quality services at affordable prices.

Here are a few powerful hosting providers that you can try.

As a Solopreneur, What are My Favorite Themes?

After selecting a powerful hosting — choosing a well-structured theme is very important. There are so many SEO-friendly WordPress themes out there. But if you ask me, which one is the best? Okay, my all-time favorite is “GeneratePress”. GeneratePress is a great option for blogging or if you have an affiliate marketing niche site. Otherhand, you can try Astra free version. Astra offers tons of premium features for totally free. Of course, GeneratePress and Astra are lightning-fast and SEO structured.

Anyway, here is a few top-notch WordPress theme list, you may like.

WordPress Plugins I Suggest as a Solopreneur

As a solopreneur, I use a bunch of free WordPress plugins — like, Yoast SEO, Google Site Kit, Web Stories by Google, and more. The plugin can help you to accelerate your working speed and save time. But try to use a smaller amount of plugins. Because your website loading speed increased when you’re using so many plugins. That’s why make sure you delete unnecessary plugins.

Here I’ve created a list of essential plugins. I hope this list will help you a lot. Also, you can visit the WordPress plugin repository to get more useful plugins.

Which Web Tools I Use in My Marketing Project?

Web tools boost your working experience and save your precious time. There are lots of web tools out there, but most of them are premium. So as a beginner maybe you can’t purchase premium SEO tools. Free tools can’t provide you the correct information. Anyway, it has a solution! You can get premium tools for totally free from this page. Just scroll top of the page and get the credentials. As a solopreneur in Bangladesh, I like to help others who want to grow online business. That’s why I share premium stuff here.

I hope those accounts might help you and save your pocket. Otherhand, you can search for “free SEO tools” on Google to get tons of free tools. But I personally can’t rely on the reports from the free SEO tools. Here I’ve listed my favorite SEO tools and browser extensions.

Which SEO Factors I Follow to Rank Higher?

As a solopreneur in Bangladesh, I use a few SEO techniques to rank higher on SERP (search engine result page). My first SEO project was failed for a lack of knowledge. Then I start researching on the web and watch hundreds of video tutorials. I especially like Brian’s (Backlinko) video tutorials. He clearly teaches the exact Google algorithms.

Now I follow and focused on a few core SEO techniques, that are:

For now, I’m working as affiliate marketer & an SEO expert to provide SEO services. Along with that, I like to design websites. Even I offer website design services locally. In that case, I start an online business called Passive Up. I individually started this brand. I’m trying to grow up my business based on the international market (especially the USA). Okay, that’s enough — let’s jump into the next topic.

Do You Want to Start a Passive Income Machine?

If you’re a lazy marketer like me, then I would recommend you to start a passive income source. In this blog, I share my secret and powerful strategies to grow your career on the internet. Okay, enough intro — click the button to get started!