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Shahin Alam

Looking for an SEO expert in Bangladesh to help you grow your online business? There’s no need to worry, you’ve come to the right place!

My core expertise includes Niche Research, Profitable Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. Additionally, I am able to provide SEO services locally. Would you like to work with me?

shahin alam SEO expert in Bangladesh

Platforms I Love

My current focus on these platforms.

My Favorite Parts of SEO

As an SEO expert, I use the following six key factors to rank my projects!

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Niche Research

When it comes to niche research I use Google & forum sites. Finding a perfect niche is very important.

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Keyword Research

Keyword is the foundation SEO. I use SEMrush & Ahrefs to do profitable Keyword Research.

domain name research

Domain Research

The first thing I do before buying a domain is to analyze the name and previous records.

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On-Page SEO

I use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize all of my websites. I follow an actionable checklist.

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Technical SEO

Researching and creating a Schema markup is my favorite part of Technical SEO.

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Off-Page SEO

In my opinion, link building is a supporting hand in the SEO industry.

My SEO Resources

I made these collections from so many hours of research and personal experience.

Tools I Use as an SEO Expert in BD

Here is a quick list of my SEO tools that I use daily. I hope you like it.

  1. SEO Minion: One of my favorite website analysis tools.
  2. Keyword Surfer: It helps me to get keyword data instantly.
  3. Mozbar: I use this to find PA, DA, SS & backlinks data.
  4. SEOquake: I use this to analyze website link structures.
  1. SEMrush: My All-in-One SEO tool is SEMrush!
  2. Ahrefs: Popular SEO tool that has a free plan. Good for beginners.
  3. KwFinder: This is my third option to research keywords.
  4. Google Trends: It helps me to find the perfect niche.
  1. Canva: It helps me to design my blog content and SMM.
  2. Grammarly: It’s always active when I use the internet. LoL!
  3. ClosersCopy: It helps me to write quality content.
  4. InVideo: I use this for video content marketing.

Why Choose an SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

Choosing an SEO expert in Bangladesh is the right decision if you have an online business. Let me explain why I say that.

Think you have an online store and want to boost your sales without investing tons of money. Along with that, you want to improve your branding. Then SEO is the right solution for you.

Only an SEO expert can help you to rank your online store top on the SERP (search engine result page).

More visibility on search engines helps you to get more potential clients. So if you have an online store based in Bangladesh, then hire an SEO expert today.

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Shahin an SEO expert in Bangladesh

SEO Services I Offer in Bangladesh

Do you want to rank your online business on Google or other search engines?

If so, then I can help you to visible your website on the search engine result page. I use white-hat SEO techniques to rank any website.

In my opinion, if Google loves your content and optimization process then your website will rank faster. By the way, there’s no minimum or maximum time limit to rank any website. Everything depends on the content and optimization process.

However, if you want to hire me to rank your website, then feel free to contact me. Also, I offer a free consultation service before I get started.

My Actionable Approach to SEO for Businesses in BD

Here are the key steps I follow to do SEO for Bangladeshi businesses.

My actionable SEO metrics
SEO future for Bangladesh

SEO Trends and Predictions for Bangladesh

Currently, so many peoples are using Google to explore their needs. In that case, there is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

So if you optimize your online store/website then it has a high chance to get more potential clients organically.

In my opinion, SEO would be a great opportunity for all kind of entrepreneurs who wants to grow their online business.

Resources: Google Trends | Ahrefs | Exploding Topics

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Popular FAQs on SEO

Shahin Alam is an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. His expertise includes:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO

An SEO Expert helps online business owners to improve their website’s visibility.

Actually, there is no specific time to get rank on the Google or other search engines. We can’t force search engines to rank our websites like a rocket.


I offer an SEO consultation service in Bangladesh. Feel free to book an appointment if you want to discuss how to rank up your online business.

The Peoples Thoughts

Shahin Alam is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. By getting his SEO consulting services, I have leveled up my online business. Thank you so much.
- Mahbub Raj
My website's search engine rankings were significantly improved by his knowledge and expertise in the field. Shahin Alam is a highly qualified SEO specialist who I highly recommend.
- Shekhor Malakar

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